MAYA in GTEX Expo in Karachi, Pakistan

Well done! Maya Embroidery Machine in GTEX Expo Karachi from Jan 21st to 25th . The latest high speed chenille embroidery machine hit the market like throwing a bomb on the show!!!

MAYA latest MH series 24/44 heads chenille only and 24+24 heads mixed chenille machine keep steady running at the speed of 1100SPM and getting more than 600,000 stitches per shift 12 hours. Customers were deeply impressed by our machines' efficiency and fine stitch quality and well controlled mechanical sound. Right on the showing days lots of new orders intention were signed by our old and new customers. 

Recently as labor and other cost increasing embroidery industrial field keep pursuing more output efficiency and higher quality. Maya people always stands in the forefront of this trend.

Sincerely welcome Maya old and new friends come to visit for a friendly business opportunity.